The below videos are of a mock newscast done by Drew Goldfarb in October, 2015. All scripts were written by Drew Goldfarb based on web articles found on October 5, 2015, and none of the scripts are taken (even in part) from any newscast. The videos are identical, except the video on the right does not contain ANY video, PKGs or sound bytes. All video has been reedited to better match the script written for this mock newscast.

With Video
All scripts written by Drew Goldfarb, video reedited by Drew Goldfarb. 

Without Video

All scripts written by Drew Goldfarb.

Video and sound byte clips used above have been altered to match the scripts but remain the copyright of their respective owners. None of this material has been rebroadcast or used in any way beyond this web posting.

News Packages 

Getting Fit For Summer
Story written, producer, shot and edited by Drew Goldfarb. 

Saving Money Online
Story written, produced, shot, edited and researched by Drew Goldfarb.